Green Office Advocacy

Being green has its advantages

Investment managers require daily update of portfolio analytics as conditions of the financial markets keep changing. Most of these analytics reports are generated, printed and threw away immediately after use. Oxon encourages our clients to go green and paperless by adopting cloud-based technologies. It allows automatic generation of performance reports and other portfolio analytics to meet their needs for daily portfolio management and monthly client reporting.

For medium-sized wealth management business, reports can be generated and maintained on the server in user-friendly formats. Coping with a simple report finder, they are made readily available to the users with just a mouse click.

For global giant asset management firms with thousands of portfolios spreading over a wide range of investment strategies, we recommend the building of a fully integrated platform that entails the utilization of innovative performance databases, custom report templates, dynamic report search engines and secured web user interfaces (e.g. SharePoint) for automatic generation and cloud-based distribution of analytics reports. Embedded within the processes, there should be different layers of integrity checks scheduled under central control and monitoring.

The building of a fully integrated platform saves not only paper/ink, but also the luxury of time that your investment managers/performance analysts spent on the never-ending back-and-forth data verification/recalculation. Please contact our platform building consultant for more information.


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