Performance Reporting Service


Oxon strives to tackle the existing data management and reporting capacity issues of asset managers by offering top-tier performance reporting service to asset management firms. Our service provides 9 interactive performance reports including Management Dashboard, Performance Summary, Portfolio Statistics, Chart Book, Time-Series Retriever, Dynamic Groupings, Heatmap Matrix, Value Range Analysis and Fund List Customizer.

For your easy access, Oxon delivers these reports via a reader application that offers interactive functionalities. You can run report for a specific fund, at a specific date, in a specific currency, on a gross or net-of-fee return basis. All tables, charts and reports are professionally pre-formatted for immediate use. They can also be downloaded in PDF or XLS format and forwarded as Email attachments for file sharing.

Oxon Pro is designed to be fully automatic for high efficiency and scalable for giant asset management firms with a few thousand funds under management. No hardware installation, lengthy system implementation or costly maintenance is required.

For more information, please refer to our White Paper and sample reports below.


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