Why Oxon

  • We have both up/downstream experience. Oxon has extensive experience spreading across both upstream (institutional investors) and downstream (investment managers) of the asset management industry. Our complementary experience have differentiated us from other consultants.
  • We know the tricks of PA reporting. Many asset management firms experienced frequent errors and delays for their client reporting and factsheet production, even after spending millions on performance system and analyst hire? Oxon has practical experience on building PA reporting platform for leading asset management firms. We understand what it is, why it happens and how to resolve it.
  • We can tell where you stand. Over the years, we witnessed the rapid development of portfolio analytics theories and systems. Yet, different asset management firms have different level of utilization and sophistication. By reviewing the best and the worst PA system settings seen from the industry, we have developed a Platform Evaluation Tool (PET) that can tell where you stand by industry norm.
  • We have high leadership profile. The founder of Oxon graduated with a First-Class Honours BSc. degree from Leicester and a MSc. degree from Oxford. He is also a CFA charterholder with 21+ years of working experience gaining from leading asset management firms where he held key analytical responsibilities including Head of Performance, GIPS and Investment Manager Selection. Oxon only offers professional consulting services.
  • We are innovative and pragmatic. We have developed a number of pragmatic tools for performance and portfolio analytics reporting. These tools are cloud-based for convenient access, low cost for boutique firms and scalable for giant firms with a large number of funds. Our intelligent database and cloud-based reporting technologies have made performance reporting so easy and complete. You can just focus on expanding your investment business.
  • We have complementary knowledge. Our skills and knowledge in Portfolio Analytics Platform Building, GIPS Verification and Investment Manager Selection are complementary to one another, making us unique and complete in our offers.
  • We offer free-for-charity services. FFC, a division of Oxon Consulting, is dedicated to provide professional consulting services to charities and non-profit organizations of the investment community. Our mission is to support organisations that endeavour to help people in such areas as education, youth advocacy and poverty. Our commitment is to provide professional services to charities who are committed to take their achievements to the next level. Our vision is to support those who are helping millions of others, multiplying the synergistic impact.


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