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Fortnite review

This game is a shooter with elements of survival and construction in the open world. Epic Games studio worked on the creation of this game, and it was also engaged in publishing the game. Assemble a team to fight the zombies.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The creators worked hard on the graphics. Although it doesn't look super realistic, it doesn't get any worse. The picture is bright and more like an animation. The world of the game is drawn in sufficient detail and brightly. It is interesting to look at new locations and watch more and more new details. Bright characters are also interesting. They are diverse, and it is always interesting to know what features they have. The sound accompaniment is also at a decent level and fits well into the gameplay.

Controls 8/10

Controls in this game may seem confusing. At first, it may not be very clear because there are a large number of tabs that contain the ability to pump the hero, traps, or equipment. You have to get used to such diversity. Also, the shooter is combined with building mode, so you have to get used not only to operate weapons but also learn to build shelters.

Gameplay 9/10

According to the plot, you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where an unknown cataclysm causes a thunderstorm and nebula and getting into such a storm, people turn into zombies. There are not many survivors left. Your goal is to survive and build a shelter to defend against zombies. You need to gather resources to be able to build. In order to get the resource you need, you have to break everything around. You also need a team of four to repel zombie attacks. Characters in the game are divided into several categories: ninja, traveler, builder, and soldier. The more balanced the team, the better the chances of winning.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

The game is an open world. The map is large enough, and each time a new mission begins in a new location, which is chosen randomly. It is always interesting what will happen this time. In the game, there is an opportunity to pass bonus missions in which you can get some additional opportunities for pumping.


  • Huge open world
  • Ability to play with the company
  • Large selection of characters


  • Slightly confusing interface
  • Bugs happen

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 9

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