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Google Classroom review

Google Classroom is the app for learning remotely. It is one of the most helpful educational apps during the quarantine period. The app was created and supported by Google. It is available on the Android platform, and you can download its basic features free of charge.

Design and Usability 5/5

Google Classroom is an educational tool for teachers and their students. It was created to attract your attention to all the classes you have to attend. And it perfectly does its job. The app is colorful, but not too much. It is attractive, but instead of distracting you, it attracts your attention to the lessons and your own progress. All the tools are in front of you, so you will quickly find out how to navigate it even if it is the first app in your life. The main instruments are signed and understandable. All the icons are standard and familiar to you. The Menu is well organized. Everything is in its places and put behind the proper categories.

Key Functions 5/5

Google Classroom is a platform for learning in the first place. It offers all the instruments you may require for this. The main services you can find useful in the app:

  • Teachers can add all the students they need into the virtual class. To make the process even quicker, they can simply share the code for the enrollment;

  • You can receive, check, and send back quizzes and essays. Besides, you may easily leave comments anywhere inside the text;

  • All the materials you need for the lesson or the whole course are gathered in one folder;

  • Add video, audio, and other visual materials to make your lesson advanced and interesting;

  • You can easily communicate with other students and teachers using the app.

Security 5/5

Despite the fact that you have to provide some of your personal information to the app, it is extremely secure. You may simply rely on the app that does not contain any ads and does not collaborate with any third parties. The app asks for access to your information only for the learning process. You may need to grant permission to your camera and phone’s memory, as well as Google account.


  • It may require your personal information


  • Design of Google Classroom is attractive
  • There are multiple tools to use in the virtual classroom
  • The app is free of charge

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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