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Magnifying Glass + Flashlight review

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight is a useful app for users who need to read something written in small letters or illuminate the darkness. The app was released by RV AppStudios. It is free of charge and contains ads. The app is lightweight and available on the Android platform.

Design and Usability 7/10

Despite surprisingly multiple features of the app, they are not that easy to notice from the first glance. The design of the app is rather plain and monotonous. It is made in one color palette. Yet, the tools are visible from a distance. You will not have to challenge your vision to see the icons. At the same time, these icons are not signed. Some of them are not that obvious and understandable, so you definitely will need an explanation. This app requires your complete concentration on mysterious buttons with unknown signs. After some time you will learn everything without a doubt. However, it will take several hours to learn and possibly several days to get used to it.

Key Functions 10/10

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app reveals the main features in its name. Although the glass and flashlight do not sound like something exciting, these and other services of the app may be incredibly handy. Check out what Magnifying Glass + Flashlight offers you:

  • The mode of high contrast where you can change illumination around you and even go into the night mode to read text clearly;

  • You may enlarge text by 1.0-5.0 times to see even the smallest letters;

  • Make pictures of the pages from library books and save it via the app. You don't have to wait in line to make a copy;

  • The flashlight is handy to illuminate your way during the night.

Security 10/10

There is no personal data you are required to provide to the app. On the contrary, your identity is saved and secured. You don't need to grant access to your credit cards or personal information. The app is free of charge, so you will see the ads that appear from time to time on your screen while you are using it. You will quickly get used to this.


  • Magnifying Glass + Flashlight contains ads


  • Magnifying Glass + Flashlight has multiple uses for reading services
  • It can illuminate all the dark places
  • The app is totally free of charge

Design and Usability 7

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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