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Move to iOS review

Move to iOS is the app that transfers your data from Android to iOS. The app was developed and released by Apple Company. It is free and available on mobile platforms, Android, and iOS. It is helpful for users who want to switch from one platform to another.

Design and Usability 8/10

The app was created for a quick and simple data transfer. Probably, it can explain why the design of the app is so plain. It has a basic color palette with white background and black letters on it. You will find all the instructions step by step on display. Some of the buttons are not signed, but they have standard icons, which are universal and recognizable around the world. The app looks simple. And you will quickly find that with all detailed tips and guidance, you transfer the information you need in no time. Just follow them and press the tools the app requires.

Key Functions 10/10

You will require two phones with different mobile platforms for this app. You need to install it on both of them. After that, start the transferring process. You will be able to enjoy the next features of the app:

  • You can transfer all your contacts from the old phone to the new one at once. Don’t need to memorize numbers, and don’t need to save them one by one;

  • Besides, each of your messages is safely transferred as well. You will not lose any important texts;

  • You may transfer your bookmarks from the phone as well. If you have bookmarks on your mobile browser, don’t forget to move them as well;

  • There is a feature that allows you to move your emails and all the documents from Google Account into the new phone.

Security 10/10

Apple Company, developers of Move to iOS, claims that the app is totally safe. They use extra secured options to transfer your data. The information moves from one phone to another in a highly secured code through the private network. You will need a WiFi connection. You have to enter the security code to confirm that this is your phone.


  • The app has a plain design


  • The app works quickly
  • It is highly secured
  • It transfers all your information at once

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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