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Secret Neighbor review

The game from the developers of Dynamic Pixels, Hologryph appeared on the market in 2019. The publisher is tinyBuild. A company of six children, using each of their abilities, have to free their friend from the hands of a terrible neighbor.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

Nice cartoon graphics make this game bright. The creators kept this technique when cartoonish graphics seem to contrast with the elements of horror, which adds a special atmosphere to the game. There are more characters in this game, and creators have managed to make them diverse and interesting. The sound accompaniment is also skillfully used, which also helps to create the right mood. All of these are recognizable features of the game that keep you in suspense and encourage you to keep playing. All graphic components are stylistically well combined.

Controls 8/10

The game is available for personal computers and the Xbox One console. Operating in this game is simple and intuitive. If you play on a personal computer, you need to use a mouse and keyboard to operate the characters. You can change the operating settings for both the computer and the console. The player has the opportunity of customization.   

Gameplay 9/10

According to the plot, companies of six friends have to free their friend from the basement of the house. Each of the children has their own special skills. The terrible neighbor also watches over them and sets traps to catch and prevent them from penetrating his terrible secrets. Now the game has an opportunity to play for a neighbor and interfere with the company. The neighbor is also able to disguise himself as a child to confuse the players. The game location here is a neighbor's house and its surroundings. You need to solve puzzles and look for the keys to the doors in the caches, drawers, and boxes. Each game round lasts 15 minutes, and it is not much time for getting bored.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The world of this game is limited to the neighbor's house and its surroundings. All the events take place here because the neighbor hid the keys you need in a well-known house. Multiplayer makes this game more lively and diverse because the presence of new players can change the course of the game and its length.


  • Availability of a multiplayer game
  • The presence of different characters
  • Ability to play for a neighbor


  • The presence of some bugs
  • Can get bored quickly

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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